Current Goals

  • Spring: Construction of 1st Floor (In-Progress)  
  • Summer: Boxing Gym Opens
  • Autumn: After School Program Enrollment
  • Winter: Boxing Team Tryouts


The Midtown Youth Academy (the “Organization”) was founded in 1977 by Eugene R. Hughes, a boxing trainer and drug abuse counselor, who was acutely aware of the conditions that often led youth of the District of the Columbia to become involved in drug addiction and crime. Through the Organization, Mr. Hughes recruited volunteers to work with neighborhood youth to provide boxing lessons as a therapeutic recreational outlet and an after-school tutoring program in test preparation, technology, arts, entrepreneurship, and other skills.

Mr. Hughes and the organizations board members have been working on revitalizing the academy and it’s programs for the past year; starting with thorough cleaning and organization of the elongated building and repairing its structure. The next orders of business are acquiring new equipment and establishing a current look and feel from the inside out. With teamwork and determination, the Midtown Youth Academy can be better than ever.

For over 35 years, the organization has served as a safe haven for thousands of inner city youth and neighbors. It is the dream of Mr. Hughes and those who call the organization home, that it lives long and stands strong in a community that has elevated from crime to craft. As one of the longest living original businesses on 14th Street, with the help of the city, Mr. Hughes can continue the organization’s legacy of being “a balance in the community”.